Kravaller - ett återbesök / Riots - revisited

In the summer of 2001 Gothenburg hosted the EU summits and was shaken by violent protests - windows were smashed, stones were thrown, fires were started. A police officer was seriously injured and live ammunition was used to disperse the crowds. Three civilians were shot - two protestors and an onlooker who was taking photographs. One of the protestors almost died.

How did this happen?

Protesting against injustice is important but it is clear that the effectiveness of riots are highly questionable. This work is inspired by a practice of "disobedient objects" and a french protest group in the 60´s. The group glued cobblestones to windows instead of throwing them. A clear statement but less frightening.

The foam stones, my disobedient objects, that are glued to the windows of A-Venue are replicas cast from stones that were used during the 2001 riots. The original stones are to be found in the Gothenburg city museum archives.

The work is a monument over an event that tore opinions apart and that is ever relevant. It is also an attempt to look at alternative ways of protesting.